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Faith-Vega and Anistaija are two very sexy amateur teen carpet-munchers who wanted to ravage each others cute teen cunts and Faith just happened to have her favorite sex vibrator handy. These small carpet-munchers were not about to wait,  they wanted to fuck right now and  Glass Mannequin barely had time to start the cameras rolling before these two small teen carpet-munchers were ripping each others clothes off. Anistaija knew exactly what she planned to do once she had Faith stripped down and being the dominant cunt, went straight to hammering Faith’s little bald pussy with the massive vibrator.

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Once Anistaija was satisfied she had the massive vibrator lubricated with enough of her Mexican Girl girlfriend’s pussy juice she slid herself down between Faith’s legs and inserted the remaining 12? of the dong into her petite teen pussy. These two teen carpet-munchers fucked for what would seem to be hours and neither stopped for so much as a breath as the massive vibrator slid between each cute teen pussy.

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